Serving health Professionals 


AOGP is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Australia’s health professionals and the communities they serve. This means that all revenue is reinvested back into AOGP, allowing us to continue to provide the highest quality services.

Led by GPs

Our CEO is a GP, and we have GPs on our Board; so we’re not just committed to supporting general practice, we know¬†it and we understand it through our own lived experience.


AOGP’s Board ensures that the organisation meets its objectives to support general practice.

Our Mission

To provide sustainable, flexible education and support solutions that add value for health-related individuals and organisations.

Our Vision

To achieve national recognition as an organisation that values and supports high quality primary care.

AOGP is accredited against the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES).
ASES is a set of standards owned and administered by the Department of Human Services and available nationally. ASES is internationally accredited in the International Society for Quality in Health and Social Care.

AOGP has been dedicated to the education and support of health professionals since 2002. In our quest to improve healthcare, quality is our top priority. We are continually striving to ensure high quality general practice at all levels. Our current services include:

Our History

From 2002, AOGP provided the premier GP training program in South Australia, establishing a track record as a national leader in the field. The organisation grew to support 200 registrars, 82 practices, and 52 international medical graduates.

In early 2016, underpinned by its high-quality heritage, AOGP re-launched itself as a progressive organisation providing services to health professionals across Australia and beyond.

The new AOGP extends upon 15 years of experience helping health professionals reach their full potential. The future is bright.