Online CPD Modules


AOGP offers a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities for GPs across Category 1 and 2 (QI&CPD) points. This learning enables practitioners to maintain, develop, update and enhance knowledge, skills and performance.

Independently created materials

Our materials are completely free from commercial interests; so you learn what’s truly relevant, and not just what ‘Company X’ wants you to know.

Fully Interactive Format

AOGP’s online CPD modules use a variety of online resources and learning methods, which makes acquiring your CPD points a rewarding and engaging experience.


In a hurry? No problem. Prefer to spread your learning over a few weeks? That’s fine too. You can complete AOGP’s CPD modules at a pace that suits you.

Contemporary medical knowledge

All content is regularly reviewed and updated to make sure it is current.

Quality materials

High quality educational content, developed by qualified medical educators.

Fully accredited

All our online CPD modules are fully accredited by RACGP.

Auto-submitted to RACGP

We do the paperwork, so you don't have to. When you are finished, your CPD points will be submitted to RACGP automatically.

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