Exam Preparation Support for Institutions

Specialists in Exam Prep

AOGP specialises in preparing tomorrow’s GPs for their Fellowship exams. Institutions who engage our services consistently see significant increases the pass rates of their cohorts.

We offer workshops and courses to suit a range of exam preparation needs, delivered professionally and backed up by two decades of experience in medical education.

Our Medical Education team consists of senior GPs with a wealth of experience in exam preparation, and medical education.

Both online and face-to-face, AOGP provides:

  • FRACGP exam preparation
    • KFP exam preparation
      • Mock KFP workshops
      • “KFP Accelerated” blended learning course
      • Coaching sessions
    • RCE exam preparation
      • Mock RCE workshops
    • Consultation skills workshops
    • Tailored learning plans
  • PEPEA exam preparation
    • Mock SJT
  • MDRAP support
    • In-depth orientation via 5 online courses
    • Orientation workshops
  • RACGP/ACRRM Curriculum-based learning
    • “Crucial Cases” 10-month course (with fortnightly webinars by topic specialists)
    • Curriculum-based interactive online learning modules
  • Remedial support
    • Educational best-practice learning needs analyses
    • Intensive mentoring by senior GPs
    • Medical Educator Visits

Flexible support

We can tailor our offerings to suit your needs. Whether it’s a single training session or a complete longitudinal program, we can facilitate bookings, needs analyses, courses and programs tailored to meet specific educational KPIs, training reviews, and more.

Efficient delivery

Our low organisational footprint means we can keep costs low and quality high.

Online Learning

A fully-fledged online learning platform ensures our materials are accessible to participants any time, anywhere. Combined with Zoom video conferencing, our exam preparation support can be delivered entirely online, without sacrificing quality.

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