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You will have the opportunity to apply and demonstrate your new-found skills throughout the day using a range of role-playing activities and practice cases. Throughout the day you will also receive direct, personalised feedback from experienced Medical Educators to help you apply your knowledge and skills.

  • Open and close your consultation using time management approaches – increasing your chances to complete the required tasks of each station.
  • Understand the exact tasks and actions required of you in each station.
  • Ask the right questions to gain key information for each station.
  • Approach a physical examination station – what to do and say.
  • Manage a difficult patient scenario using a strategic, systemised approach.

Do you qualify for funding?

Additional Assistance Scheme (AAS)
If you are an IMG working in rural Australia, you might be eligible for funding under the Additional Assistance Scheme (AAS) administered by your state Rural Workforce Agency. Simply contact your Agency to check your eligibility.


Call (08) 8366 3100 or email info@aogp.com.au for enquiries.