Overcoming challenges in general practice

Overcoming challenges in general practice

Needless to say, general practice has faced innumerable challenges and changes over recent years. Agencies and funding structures come and go as policy shifts at the whim of the political agenda of the day. Those on the frontline of care in general practices are left with the struggle to establish new and effective networks for coordination of the patient journey through the health system. There are also other factors that have the potential to threaten and isolate general practice. These include:

  • an increasing distribution of risk from government/corporate bodies to frontline clinicians.
  • an increase in expectations of quality and transparency in health care from consumers.
  • an increase in competition amongst general practices with a variety of business models.

The challenge facing general practices that are committed to sustainable delivery of high quality care to the community – is how to take advantage of this fractious milieu.

The AOGP Quality Practice Network has contributed the first round of benchmarking data, which we are collating for our initial report. This will demonstrate areas of potential strength or improvement in areas relating to efficiency, sustainability and quality service delivery for member practices. This is just one of the benefits of AOGP membership. As the network grows the benefits will multiply for all concerned.

Quality practice matters. It is worth achieving and celebrating.

Tim Kelly