Practice Membership



AOGP has developed a national Quality Practice Network to support and promote the delivery of high-quality general practice through the use of:

  • confidential benchmarking
  • local and national networking
  • cooperative buying power
  • wide ranging CPD activities

AOGP provides practices with the tools to deliver best-quality health care, and the mechanisms to measure it.

Database and analysis

Proposed benchmarking indicators

(Practices can also propose their own benchmarking indicator).

Financial / business related benchmark

  • Average fee per MBS item number
  • Average fee per patient seen
  • Average cost of running the practice per patient
  • Non clinical and clinical staff salaries as a percentage of total revenue
  • Non clinical staff-to-doctor ratio
  • Practice capacity

Quality and clinical related benchmark

  • Average waiting time per patient
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Did Not Attend rate

Benchmark report and analysis

Reports will be produced and disseminated to members on a regular basis.


Professional standards


As a member of AOGP’s Quality Practice Network, you will be able to access support to achieve accreditation requirements and quality improvement tools that go beyond accreditation standards. Whether you are using the 4th or 5th edition standards we can assist through access to benchmarking data to measure and respond to areas identified for improvement. We also can provide frameworks for clinical audit, CPD and a range of other tools and policies that will make your journey through accreditation easier and more valuable.


The Medical Board of Australia released their response to the revalidation discussion paper in late November 2017. The proposed Professional Performance Framework suggests areas to strengthen CPD requirements over the next couple of years, including through independent peer review. AOGP will be working with QPN practices to explore how this could work for all concerned, using the network to provide peer support as well as the quality framework to ensure peer review is safe and accredited for CPD purposes.

AOGP Job Match

AOGP Job Match has been specifically designed for practices wanting to employ doctors, nurses and other staff, as well as for individuals seeking employment in General Practice.

The number of medical students graduating Australian Universities has tripled since 2001, and increased numbers of GPs are coming through Fellowship training pathways. It has become increasingly difficult for new GPs to find the practice that best meets their needs. AOGP’s Job Match is a uniquely useful database of individuals seeking to be matched with practices. This service is missing from the jobs boards of other services.

Practices and individuals upload their details and requirements via an online form, and the robust matching process of AOGP’s Job Match will return suggestions of best fit. The information entered includes, but is not limited to:

  • location
  • work capacity
  • interest in teaching
  • VR/DWS Status
  • special interests


Events and CPD workshops

Networking events

Connecting health professionals and staff in a relaxed forum, to discuss emerging issues with expert speakers.

Practice members receive complimentary attendance at networking events:

  • Small practice members – 1x attendance
  • Medium practice members – 2x attendance
  • Large practice members – 3x attendance

CPD workshops

High-quality, relevant and interactive workshops, specifically designed with a GP focus.

Practice members receive 20% off CPD workshops and interactive online modules.

Calendar of upcoming events

For the latest event and CPD workshop information and bookings, visit the Events and CPD page.


AOGP Online learning environment

AOGP has developed an online learning platform containing accredited professional development activities, online modules and practice support information. Members receive access to this progressive learning platform at no cost.

Accreditation framework

AOGP will provide the framework to accredit internally run CPD-eligible events such as:

  • Supervised clinical attachment
  • Clinical audit
  • Evidence-based medicine journal club
  • GP Research
  • PDSA
  • Small group learning
  • FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education)

Custom services

Design and development of new website

Includes the design and development of a new website according to the structure and content specified.

Standard website:
Members from $2,700 inc GST

Non-members from $4,000 inc GST

Management and support of website

Includes web hosting, domain registration, security, applying patches, updates and backups.

Monthly costs:
Members $80 inc GST
Non-members $120 inc GST


Includes the development of templates such as letterhead, PowerPoint, etc, and a style guide (for practices with existing visual identity).

Standard package:
Members from $1,100 inc GST

Non-members from $1,650 inc GST

Services can also be purchased as stand-alone items as per your practice’s requirements. Branding options include, but are not limited to:

  • Style guide
  • Templates (letterhead, PowerPoint, etc)
  • Logo design
  • Signage (via cooperative partner Signs by Knight)
  • Consultancy (uniforms, document control, etc)

Additional or ad hoc requirements (website and branding)

Additional or ad hoc support, development and services:

Members from $110 inc GST per hour
Non-members from $165 inc GST per hour

Specific projects

AOGP is available to consult with you on specific projects for your practice.


Cooperative partners

AOGP has negotiated deals with relevant suppliers of goods and services that will benefit general practices. As more members join there will be substantial opportunities to develop new agreements for member discounts.

AOGP encourages suggestions from members regarding new prospective partners.


Adelaide Aspire


Advantage One


Agius Consulting Services

Living to the Max


People Medical Consulting


Signs by Knight


Online learning environment

AOGP has developed an online learning environment containing accredited professional development activities, online modules and practice support information.

Members receive free access to this progressive learning platform.



Specifically designed with a general practice focus, these high-quality, relevant and interactive workshops are for GPs, practice nurses, practice managers and GP receptionists.

An example of these workshops is the RACGP-accredited, in-practice CPR session for all doctors and practice staff.

QPN members receive discounts for CPD workshops.


Accreditation framework

AOGP can provide a framework to accredit internally run, CPD-eligible events such as:

  • Supervised clinical attachment
  • Clinical audit
  • Evidence-based medicine journal club
  • GP Research
  • PDSA
  • Small group learning
  • FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education)


Carolyn Cheah
Business Manager
Phone: (08) 8366 3112


  • Small practices

    less than 11 FTE*

  • Medium practices

    11-20 FTE*

  • Large practices

    more than 20 FTE*


*includes GPs, practice nurses, and admin staff.

Prices include GST and are subject to change.

Above pricing applies to the primary practice. Secondary practices will be charged at 50% of the above prices.