Revalidation discussion paper – What does it mean for you?

Revalidation discussion paper – What does it mean for you?

Today the Medical Board of Australia released “Options for Revalidation in Australia – Discussion Paper”. This is in response to a broader conversation about ensuring a safe and competent medical workforce to serve our community. The paper presents a range of options, which may be considered to enhance early identification of professional learning needs for all doctors, including GPs.

There will undoubtedly be concern amongst GPs about the possibility of increased regulation of professional registration, and possible punitive mechanisms implemented as a result.

On reading the discussion paper, there are several key words and phrases that emerge as themes. These include:

  • profession-led;
  • encourage collaboration within the profession; and
  • evidence-based.

There is a strong suggestion that it would be of benefit to strengthen existing CPD rather than invent something totally new.

The table below is reproduced from the interim report and outlines a recommended framework for CPD.

It does not take much of a logical leap to see that AOGP’s Quality Practice Network could be very useful in providing GPs with the tools to address the ‘Reviewing performance’ and ‘Measuring outcomes’ requirements.

Networking and benchmarking – progressive thinking to ensure minimal disruption and high quality care – it all comes with being a member of AOGP’s Quality Practice Network.


The papers can be found at

Written and online submissions can be made up until 30 November 2016.

Tim Kelly