SJT Practice Exams

The SJT Practice Exams are a great way to familiarise yourself with the format of the SJT component of the PEPEA exam, and to get an idea of what the questions will be like.

Two practice exams are available, in the same format but each with a different set of questions.

Practice exam details:

  • 2 practice exams available (@ $100 each)
  • 50 questions in each practice exam
  • Mimics real exam format
  • Unlimited attempts
  • Instant grading and correct answers shown (note: does not include written feedback)
  • Online access for ease of use

Please note that these practice exams represent only the SJT component of the PEPEA exam, and do not include the clinical applied knowledge questions.

More information regarding the PEPEA is available at the RACGP’s PEPEA FAQ page.

You can read tips on passing the PEPEA in this blog post by Dr Tim Kelly.

Practice the SJT under exam conditions

Receive instant grading


Practice exams – $100 each (inc GST)
To purchase access, please view SJT Practice Exam A or SJT Practice Exam B on our online learning platform, OLLE:

Call (08) 8366 3100 or email for enquiries.