AOGP Timeline

For the past 14 years, AOGP has successfully coordinated and delivered GP training across our extended region in South Australia. During this time we have worked closely with practices, supervisors, communities and organisations in this state, as well as national bodies involved in regulation and standard-setting.

There have been many achievements to celebrate over the years, some of which are highlighted below on the AOGP Timeline. Please take the opportunity to browse through the timeline and reflect on the people who contributed to AOGP's vision. Not the least of these is the AOGP staff and Medical Educators, who have believed in the value and importance of high quality general practice and therefore the potential of their own roles.


If you wish to enquire about GP training in 2016, please contact Sturt Fleurieu (GPEx) on 08 8172 7600.

Alternatively, if you have queries about any other business with AOGP, please contact us on 08 8366 3100.