PEPEA/CAAKT Preparation

PEPEA/CAAKT Preparation

Are you sitting the RACGP PEPEA or CAAKT soon? You would be aware that the exam contains both clinical applied knowledge questions and situational judgment test (SJT) questions. You would be familiar with clinical applied knowledge questions, similar to MCQs. However, you may not be familiar with the SJT. The SJT questions are usually centred on attributes that a good doctor possesses, eg recognising and acknowledging distress, exposing concerns, ensuring confidentiality, professional behaviour and so on. If you are looking for tips on maximising your chances in the SJT, here are two:

  1. Once you have read the stem – ask yourself “What would a good doctor do?” Before looking at the possible responses. This will help you to focus on the actual intent of the question, rather than get distracted by the detail.
  2. When you are required to rate the appropriateness of various responses 1 to 5, rate the response that you would ALWAYS do as the top response, and also what would you do FIRST. There may be other responses that are appropriate, but they will come after that top response.

As an example:

Jodie is a 45 yo woman who presents after a recent admission to hospital for tubal ligation. She developed infection in her wound post operatively and is not happy and feels her treatment was sub-standard. She wants to know what she should do.

So ask yourself: What would a good doctor do in this situation?
A good doctor would probably explore and acknowledge Jodie’s concerns and the pain she has suffered, and see what can be done to help her – without apportioning blame.

Rank in order the following actions in response to this situation
(1= Most appropriate; 5= Least appropriate).

A. Get advice from your MDO
B. Put her in touch with the Health Complaints Ombudsman
C. Recommend she sue the hospital and the surgeon involved
D. Explore her experience and expectations of the operation
E. Arrange to get a discharge summary from the hospital.

Which of these responses will you do every time, and which will you do first? This is definitely D. You may also do 3 of the others, but not every time. You would never recommend she sue, especially not without doing all of the rest! So that answer ranks 5.

What would a good doctor do in this situation?
Which of the responses would you ALWAYS do? Which would you do FIRST?

Trust yourself, and good luck.

Tim Kelly